Due to supply cost, we will be amending the cost of some of our services. This will help us continue to deliver the best quality services without any compromise. In order to prevent possible cross contamination we will be continuing to use disposable pack (nail file and buffer), which is now FREE of charge!


Manicure & File:                             £12

Manicure & normal polish:            £15

Manicure & Gel Polish:                  £25

Gel Polish                                 

Gel Polish on nails:                          £17

Gel Polish on toe nails:                    £19

Gel Polish Removal & Re-apply:   £21

Gel Polish Removal & File:              £8

Hand Painted White Tip:              +£3

Nail Art/Cats Eyes/White Tip:   Extra

Acrylic Overlay (on Natural Nails)

Full set Overlay Clear:                    £23

Infill Clear:                                       £20

Full Set Overlay & Gel Polish:       £27

Infill Overlay & Gel Polish:            £24


Eyebrow Wax:                                    £7

Eyebrow Tint:                                     £7

Eyebrow Wax & Tint:                     £12

Chin/Lip Wax:                                    £5

Builder Gel                                 

Builder Gel Overlay Natural:        £23

Infill Builder Gel:                            £20

Builder Gel & Gel Polish:               £26

Infill Builder Gel & Gel Polish:     £24

Removal Builder Gel:                      £11

                               (only £5 if re-apply)

Nail Art/White Tip:                     Extra

Acrylic Extension (with tips)

Full Set Clear/White Tips:              £25

Infill Clear/White Tips:                   £20

Full Set & Gel Polish:                      £29

Infill & Gel Polish:                           £24

Fullset Coloured Powder:                £29

Infill Coloured Powder:                   £24

Fullset Glitter Powder:                    £30

Infill Glitter Powder:                       £25

Full Set Ombre:                                £32

Infill Ombre:                                     £27


Acrylic Removal:                                  £11

                                   (only £5 if re-apply)

Hand Painted White Tip:                     £3

Nail Art:                                           Extra

Fullset Acrylic on Toes:           Extra £10