Added Fees due to Covid-19 Outbreak

Due to Covid-19 we are focusing on making sure that our staff and customers' health is our highest priority. In order to continue upholding hygene and safety in our salon, disposable client packs will be used for an extra 90p which will be added to the final bill.


Manicure & File:                             £10

Normal Polish on hand:                    £7

Manicure & normal polish:            £15

GePolish/Shellac                                   Gel Polish/Shellac on nails:            £15

Gel Polish Removal & File:              £7

Gel Polish Removal & Re-do:        £20

Cats Eyes Gel:                                  £18

Nail Art:                                   From £3

Toe Nails

Gel Polish:                                         £18

Removal & Redone Gel Polish:       £20

Full set Clear:                                   £25

Infill Clear:                                       £20

Full Set & Gel Colour:                     £32

Infill & Gel Colour:                          £27


Eyebrow Wax:                                    £7

Eyebrow Tint:                                     £7

Eyebrow Wax & Tint:                     £12

Chin/Lip Wax:                                    £5

Acrylic Overlay/Nail Extenison

Full set Clear/White Tip:                 £20

Infill Clear/White Tip:                     £15

Full Set & Gel Colour:                     £27

Infill & Gel Colour:                          £22


Full Set Coloured Powder:              £27

Infill Coloured Powder:                   £22

Full Set Glitter Powder/Ombre:     £30

Infill Glitter Powder/Ombre:          £25


Acrylic Removal & File:                  £10

                                    (Only £5 if re-do)

French Tip Nail Art:                          £3

Nail Art:                                    From £3

Opening Hours

Mon-Thu:          10am-6pm

Fri:                 9:30am-6pm

Sat:                9:30am-4pm

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