Here at 5BY5 Nail Salon, we offer many treatments; from a manicure to a full set of acrylics. Our staff are very talented and have many years of experience and are fully certified nail technicians. We look forward to your visit.


Manicure Services

Acrylic Nails

Gel Polish/Shellac

A manicure is the shaping and filing of the nails, treatments with various liquids and cuticle work. Cuticle oil and nail strengthen are applied after treatment.



Eyebrow Waxing and Tinting are provided by our experienced beautician.

At 5by5 Nail Salon, we are proud to use Award Winning Sienna X products which works to soothe, protect and regenerate the skin with a three step skincare system including cleansing gel, soothing oil and cooling creme.

We also offer chin and lip waxing using Sienna X as mentioned above.

Acrylics are nail extensions placed over finger nails. They either mimic the appearance of real  finger nails or are there to achieve a less realistic look but more artistic.

Acrylic overlay is also a good option to add strength on your natural nails.

MMA-free products are used at 5by5 Nail Salon.


The aim of an infill service is to make the nail look brand new again and this involves removing any lifting product, prepping the nail and applying new acrylic. You can have the nail length cut down, changed shapes, colours and nail art  where applicable.

We recommend you should return for infill once every 2/3 weeks.

Removal/ Reapplication

The durability of your acrylic nails can vary from person to person depending on natural nail foundation, naturally very oily nails, biting habit, and aftercare.

Contact our salon for professional removal and/or reapplication.


Do not bite/pick your nails.

Protect your nails with gloves when washing up, dusting, gardening, applying chemical tan or hair dye...

Apply cuticle oil daily.

Gel polish/shellac is cured using CND LED lamps at 5by5 Nail Salon. They last longer than regular nail polish, and do not chip easily. They have a high-gloss finish, and usually last for two to three weeks with good care.

Removal/ Reapplication

Contact 5by5 Nail Salon for a professional removal and reapplication after 2/3 weeks.

Do not peel your nails as it will damage your nails and cause them to get dry and brittle.


Cuticle oil is essential for nail treatment aftercare. Adding a few drops of oil to your nails and cuticles everyday will keep them hydrated.

Protect your nails with gloves from day to day damage to chemical lurking in cleaning products.